Good Effet Products

How it works:

This product works by burning fat, improving the blood supply , increasing ligaments elasticity.


Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Glycerin, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Peg-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Mentholum

How to use:

For best results apply at least twice a day as it follows:

1.Take a bath at night to increase the blood supply and enhance absorption.

2.Apply the cream on stomach, arms, legs, calves, back, and buttocks before any physical activity with or without a body wrap. Apply a good amount of the cream and massage your body in a circular way both clockwise and anticlockwise till your skin absorbs it completely, make slimming cream active ingredients into the skin layer of fat. Promote the decomposition of fat cells, accelerate the fat burning, so as to achieve a good goal to lose weight.

3.Avoid washing it away with a shower , a bath or a work-out sweat for at least one hour after application.
At the same time during the use of the product also do not overeat, intake of too much oil. Even good weight loss products, if you do not pay attention to diet or do not control the intake of calories. It will also lead to obesity.

1.Pure 100% Organic Lip Scrub

Nothing but high quality organic ingredients manufactured at the optimal temperature to preserve the vital nutrients in the ingredients giving you the smoothest, most effective lip exfoliant & moisturizing experience.

Dual Purpose - Exfoliating & Moisturizing Lip Care: This amazing LIP SCRUB features Organic, sugar instead of chemical flavor. The smart combination of Organic, strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, cucumber particles creates the perfect lip care solution to exfoliate dry, rough lips AND leaves behind a silky smooth moisturing effect for baby soft lips.

Cruelty Free: Our lip scrubs are never tested on animals.

Beauty Routine Must-Have: exfoliating your lips is a must to ensure your lips are smooth, soft and supple. Make your lips luscious and totally kissable!

2.Absolutely Effective - Slimming Cream

Slimming cream has a certain effect on reducing fat, especially for those who are puffy, this product has a very good use effect.

It can have obvious effects after more than one month of use.

Continuous use for a couple of months can give you the maximum result that doesn't retract much if you stop completely.

In particular, this slimming cream has a very good effect on the improvement of swollen legs.

But for people who want to lose weight quickly or who have too much fat, use it once in the morning and once in the evening.

To maintain the best result it's recommended to use for 3-5 months/year.

Post time: Apr-15-2021