Manicure products

  • UV gel lamp

    UV gel lamp

    Intelligent infrared sensor: light up only when you need it, liberate your hands, open and close by stretching them out
  • Nail art tool set

    Nail art tool set

    Nails and epidermal forceps, with curved blade thickness, can trim the epidermis and dead skin of the hand, and can easily trim and clean the parts that are not easy to trim, such as nail grooves.
  • Nail decorator

    Nail decorator

    Color customization, printing LOGO, mold manufacturing, material selection, free design
  • Glue polish nail gel

    Glue polish nail gel

    GEL POLISH 5 Steps to Beautify Your Fingertips and Love Your Nail Nail oil glue to avoid the following problems: a peel off, not easy to dry, poor durability, color is incorrect Materials 01. removable adhesive BASE COAT Persistent not to take off Easy to loose Used before color glue, prevent nails from yellowing, peeling and warping, effectively enhance firmness and lasting time. Be sure to polish your nails until there are no reflective spots. The surface after the light is sticky and ther...