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Lipstick is a commonly used cosmetics for ladies in daily life. Do you know how to apply lipstick? Here are some methods of applying lipstick.
1. How to paint lipstick with lip brush:
Apply a layer of lipstick before applying it to keep your lips from peeling.
If the girls with dark lips can apply a layer of foundation cream first, apply it evenly on the lips to cover concealer with fingers, and if the girls with light lips can do without foundation.
Draw a lip pencil around the shape of your lips, then apply your lipstick to create a clear line of lipstick that accentuate the color of your lipstick.
2. M lips:
First, dip a cotton swab in the highlighter and put an M on the upper lip to brighten the edges of the lips and highlight the M lips.
Dip in with lip brush again take lipstick with “M” type to undertake daub left and right sides, the lip bead place draws the high point, the middle of the lip on the mouth draws as far as possible to the low place.
3. Normal thick coating:
This is the most common way we apply lipstick.
General lipstick is pointed, we put the tip of the lipstick up, simple two strokes in the center of the lip to make a V shape for positioning.
Then, with your pointy head down, start from the corners of your mouth and work your way down the center of your mouth to outline the edge of your upper lip.
Then melt the lower lip and apply several times until the lips are evenly saturated.
4. Bite your lips:
Use a lip primer to whiten your mouth concealer and cover it with its original color.
Use a lip brush to dip the lipstick on the inside of your lips. Use your fingers to spread the lipstick on the outside of your mouth. Apply evenly.
The trick to applying this lipstick is to change the color from dark to light from the inside out.
Finally, apply lipstick to the inside of your lips to deepen the color of your mouth.
Or the easiest way is to just buy a two-color lipstick!
5. Fold the coating:
A lot of lipstick bought back to find that the effect of a single application is not as good as the imagination, so you need to apply the method of overlapping to make your lipstick look more classy.
This method is the simplest, just like the normal thick coating method, apply the lipstick to the lips, and finally apply a layer of lipstick to the surface that you want the color rendering effect of Blingbling
5. Non-stick red coating method:
The first step is to simply apply a layer of lipstick, then slightly compress your mouth with a tissue. Take a piece of tissue, place it on your lips and dip it in with a lip brush.
Dab some powder and brush it across your lips with a paper towel.
That way the lipstick won’t stick to the cup!






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