Face roller massager

  • Face Roller Massager-02

    Face Roller Massager-02

    Pink crystal mainly develops the heart chakra, strengthens the heart and lung function health.Can relax tension, relieve irritable mood, help to go deep into the heart, self-discovery and improve understanding.Pink crystal, with its mild and attractive pink glow, can help improve personal relationships and enhance personal and business connections.
  • Face Roller Massager

    Face Roller Massager

    One of the four most famous jade in Chinese history. Jade itself contains the set of micro element and body beneficial, the human body secretes sweat and oil, and in the process of using the jade roller, it contacts with the human body skin for a long time. The oil and sweat penetrate into the jade, and the trace elements contained in the jade are also absorbed by the skin. This is people keep jade and jade keeps people.