Face care serum / Essence

  • Nicotinamide essence

    Nicotinamide essence

    Niacinamide molecular structure is very small, wipe on the face can be quickly absorbed and utilized, which contains niacin components, niacin can promote the process of facial melanin cell shedding, accelerate the synthesis of facial collagen, can naturally brighten skin, whitening and bright.
  • Collagen Essence

    Collagen Essence

    Hexapeptide is a kind of microbiological factor, which is ubiquitous in all parts of the body, and is an essential active substance in the body itself.
  • Anti Freckle Essence

    Anti Freckle Essence

    Pox-eliminated essence not only has very good health care skin whitening effect, have promote tighten pores, and supplement the practical effects of the collagen powder in addition to the blain...
  • Hyaluronic Acid Essence

    Hyaluronic Acid Essence

    Hyaluronic acid essence water actually skin care effect is relatively strong, can better help us to maintain the skin, and it also can improve the skin physiology standard, improve skin nutrients, to smooth away wrinkles...
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