About Us


Tianjin Wangtong Industry and Trade Lifen cosmetics factory are build up on 1998, have over 20 years experience on producing cosmetics in domestic. We have a long history of OEM/ODM business Our mission is let our customers could use our cosmetics relieved.

Our factory had produced many different brand cosmetics in domestic market, and have a good reputation on the product quality, we had helped many brand grew up from small to big. Our factory could produce any kind of cosmetics according to customer's requirement.

And also, our factory introduction of international high-end production equipment, specialized in all kinds of cosmetics manufacturing, processing. We have One hundred thousand class purification workshop, could make sure our products are produced in a purified environment.


We have a strong R & D TEAM AND PERFECT R & D facilities. Master high-tech biochemical technology, nanotechnology, osmotic technology, liquid crystal microemulsion technology. Now we have more than 2000 kinds of mature formula, products mainly related to facial care, body care.
Today, the perception of being old is changing as life expectancy continues to increase and lifestyles evolve. Let’s embrace the pro-ageing movement in the beauty industry welcoming then reality and along with that, the beauty of ageing better.

Our R&D team developed a series of high safety, permeability, better absorption, more obvious effect of the characteristics of the formula, the ingredients including Chinese herbal extract, the imported raw materials, in order to make sure products suitable for the sensitive skin.
Excellent packaging designers, advanced computer software, hardware equipment, to provide professional consulting services, professional services, good reputation for the purpose of providing consumers with assured, satisfied products.

Strict management system to ensure the quality of each process. With many engineers and quality inspectors, the introduction of foreign first-class cosmetics production lines to ensure high-quality products.